At the heart of our business is a passion for plants and this is backed by our nursery, where we are able to produce plants for specific sites with the added convenience and cost benefit that this entails. By working with your landscape architects at the planning stage we are able to produce the quality, variety and service that you require to deliver a great landscape scheme that will improve the environment, help to market the development and keep the new residents happy!



With the rise in popularity of bonded gravel both for pathways and for tree-pits, we have a team trained by the manufacturers to install landscape enhancing surfaces. Resin bound gravel can give a softer feel to many areas and provide a water-permeable yet secure anti-slip surface.


Show house and marketing areas often require tight deadlines and we are happy to work with marketing teams to deliver stunning gardens to attract potential purchasers. We are also involved in private garden construction and can deliver sales incentives to new purchasers.




A new landscape scheme needs good maintenance to keep it fresh and effective in its early stages. Our teams will ensure that the plants and turf flourish to positively showcase the development. Offering a wide range of maintenance contracts, we are always happy to discuss and advise on service level requirements.


In line with developer S106 obligations, we have experience of installing imaginative and attractive children's play areas on a number of residential developments. We can advise on issues ranging from safety to minimisation of potential anti-social behaviour.